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Cold Case in Ellyson by Susan AndersonCold Case in Ellyson
by Susan Anderson
(Paperback - October 16, 2009)
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Cold Case in Ellyson by Susan Anderson for your KindleCold Case in Ellyson
by Susan Anderson
(Kindle Book - October 16, 2009)
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Cold Case in Ellyson Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you a writer?
Well, anyone can be a writer so long as there’s a story to tell. But I’m a so-called educated writer, meaning I studied the craft of writing, and I did academically for over seven years. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in English with a focus in Creative Writing. In fact, Cold Case in Ellyson is the evolution of my master’s thesis.
This story’s about a cop. How do you know what it’s like to be a cop?
Because I was one. I like to think of myself as an anomaly. I’ve been many different things over the years, and one of them was a street cop.
Why is this story set in the South?
I grew up in the South, still live there in fact. You have to write what you know, and I know what it’s like here. I grew up in a debutante world, even was invited to participate in débuts in New York City (which I did, at The Plaza) and in Europe (which I did, in Vienna, Austria). Yet even though I grew up in that kind of society, I wanted to work the streets and look for bad guys. Go figure.
Why aren’t you still a cop?
Kids. I had two very young boys while I was on the streets. But working as a cop was the best job I ever had. I felt like I did something meaningful every day.
Is this chick lit?
No. The story revolves around Kathleen, obviously a woman. But the story is also about Joe, her partner. No sex, no high skirts, and very little language, so it’s safe for most older kids.
What do you do when you’re not writing?
I bounce between running my kids around to their various sports and playing a few of my own like competitive tennis and running. I also enjoy reading, traveling, and drinking good wine with my husband.
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What’s next?
Gee, if you read any of the above, then you should know that I just don’t know. I’m full of ideas, though…